Martin Ehrlich

Award-winning Interactive Art Director and User Experience designer in love with forging unique creative concepts through engaging storytelling diving users into the digital experience.

This is obviously just fluffy designer words for you to think I'm something special. But it's true actually. And I'm also funny. And a brilliant digital designer. Trust me.

Want the truth? The sweet bullshit.

01 - 2016 Trends in Watch Industry

Leading Swiss business magazine wanted to surprise its audience on an innovative web format. We made a luxurious interactive experience captivating the users into the watch industry in 3 chapters. The project was honored by the industry, including Awwwards SOTD and feature in gallery with 45 000 views. That's why I can call myself award-winning.

concept, UX, UI, interactions
see it live / behance case

02 - The Young Creatives

The Young Creatives space is an interactive gallery showcasing disruptive project of iconic Swiss photograph Anoush Abrar. The audience is invited to get lost in a surreal and ephemeral atmosphere of deep and dark space, which is built on 3 principles - it's completely infinite, randomly generated on every move and disappearing with stillness. So deep, much dark.

story/idea, UX, UI, interactions
see it live / recently FWA of the day

03 - Halestorm Productions

A compelling storytelling experience showcasing Halestorm, a London-based video production company, and its work in an interactive and usual way. Creative concept of the experience lets the visitor enter a WebGL based storm, tackling his emotions and letting him dive into story and work of the company. Still in development, it'll be much more awesome, of course.

story, concept, UI, interactions/motion
not live yet, sorry!